The podcast is live!

I'm out there, giving writing tips, and I want to hear yours

I’m happy to report that the Writerly Bites Podcast is now live and available to listen and subscribe to. Writerly Bites will offer weeky bite-sized tips for making your creative writing, or your writing life, better.

You can listen to the episodes directly on the site at, or you can subscribe at Apple Podcasts. It really helps a fledgling podcast grow if you visit the Apple listing and rate and review it, so please drop a review if you can — I’d really appreciate it.

In the first few episodes, I’m talking about digging out an old story to make it better, describing things once and only once, making a graveyard document, and more. I’m also delighted to be interviewing author Lara Ehrlich to get her favorite writing tip. Lara’s vivid, intense, and lovely story collection ANIMAL WIFE is now available for purchase, so be sure to check that out. I’ll be interviewing more authors on the podcast in the future; I’m excited to expand the conversation about the little ways writers stay inspired, stay productive, and keep making their writing better every day.

New episodes of Writerly Bites will appear every Tuesday. In the future I’d love to tackle listener questions and tips, so please email with your questions and comments.

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